Universal Straps

On this page you will find a large selection of watchstraps for Universal smartwatches. Fast shipping and 30 days right to return.

Universal Watch Straps

Is it time to invest in a new strap for your watch? Is it a regular watch, or a smartwatch? Either way, you've come to the right place!

We have the UK's largest selection of watch straps online! In our range you'll find watch straps to fit all kinds of watches, in different sizes, colours and designs. Find a new strap that suits both your style and your lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Find your favourite and buy watch bands online today! We always offer fast delivery, great prices, courteous customer service and 30 days open purchase.

Watch bands in different sizes

Unfortunately, not all watch straps fit all watches, and it is important to know the size of your watch before investing in a new watch strap, and when we talk about the size of the strap, we mean the width of the strap. However, many manufacturers, whether they are smartwatches or regular watches, use universal sizes and the watch straps you find on this page therefore fit several watches. For example, some Garmin models have standardised strap attachments, while the Apple Watch does not.

The most common sizes in the smartwatch industry are 24 mm, 22 mm and 20 mm, but we also have smaller ones like 18 mm, 14 mm and 12 mm.

Watch bands in different materials

In our large assortment you will find watch bands in all sizes, but you will also find hundreds of watch bands in various materials and styles.

Materials matter a lot, both in terms of comfort and style, and some types of straps fit better than others. Perhaps you don't want to wear the same strap at the gym as you do at the office, or you want to be able to match your strap with your outfits. With new watch straps, you can vary both the look and feel of your watch according to the occasion and activity.

Therefore, take the opportunity to think about how you use your watch and find a watch strap that suits you perfectly.

Leather watch strap

A leather watch strap is one of our best-selling products, and it's easy to see why. Leather watch bands are stylish, durable, stylish and always comfortable. The leather also contributes to a classic look that suits most occasions, whether this is the office, the party or just at home in front of the TV.

Within the leather strap category, there are several options in terms of appearance and colour. For example, you can choose classic straps in brown or black leather, something colourful in faux leather or a vintage feel with a sturdy buckle.

Stainless steel watch bands

Just like leather straps, our metal straps are very popular. Classic stainless steel watch straps are not only elegant and bring a timeless charm, they are also durable and reliable. A metal strap for your watch is suitable for most occasions, providing a reliable feel on your wrist, but perhaps a little more appropriate when you want to feel dressed up.

You can also find metal straps in different colours and designs, including mesh, milanese and premium links. If you have a wider wrist, these link straps are great because the size can be adjusted. Give your watch a more sophisticated look today.

Silicone and nylon watch straps

Last but not least, we have silicone and nylon watch straps. These watch straps offer unrivalled flexibility and comfort and are perfect for training, movement and adventure. Rubber watch bands are flexible and therefore follow the natural movements of the wrist, while woven nylon watch bands are not only durable but also resistant to both sweat and moisture

In this category you can also find popular nato bands for your watch. Nato straps fit all kinds of smartwatches and are easy to adjust.

Cheap watch straps

We want you to be able to find a strap for your favourite watch, and we want you to be able to do it at a good price. That's why we've created a wide range of straps for all types of watches, all ready to order today. No matter what type of watch you have, we have one (or more) bands to suit. Give your watch a new look and shop today!