Fitbit Ace Strap

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Fitbit Ace strap

Did you just get a Fitbit Ace and want a watch strap? Are you a veteran of the Fitbit Ace series and want to upgrade your style and comfort? Are you looking for the perfect strap, or do you have a few at home to choose from?

Whatever the reason, you've come to the right place!

We have a wide range of wristbands and other accessories for all models in the Fitbit Ace series. Our range is full of products in different colours and materials, so you'll be able to find something that suits you and your Fitbit perfectly.

A strap is easy to change and fits your Fitbit perfectly.

Fitbit Ace series

Fitbit launched its Ace series in 2018 as a version of the Fitbit Alta aimed at younger users. The following year was the Fitbit Ace 2 and in 2021 the Fitbit Ace 3. The goal of all three versions is to help young people stay active, while providing a simpler, more scaled-down introduction to the technology.

The Fitbit Ace series, and its child-friendliness, are therefore known for being waterproof and packed with useful features such as sleep tracking, reminders to move, walk and go to bed, and tracking different activities throughout the day. They also have long battery life, and features that encourage children to move and make exercise fun.

In addition to this, the Fitbit Ace watches are also aimed at parents and come with a "Parent View" where parents can easily see what their children are doing and how much they are moving.


Just as a child often practices on a tricycle before getting on a real bike, the Fitbit Ace series is an introduction to smartwatches - and Fitbit has planned for this.

The Fitbit Ace straps are therefore compatible with other, more adult models from Fitbit, so that it is easy to get a new watch when the time comes without having to invest in new watch straps - but this does not mean that all Fitbit Ace straps are compatible with all other Fitbit watches.

Fitbit's range of watches can sometimes feel like a jungle, and it can be hard to tell what fits what. Fitbit Ace 2, Inspire, Alta, Charge, Versa, and Luxe - which straps can be used with which watch?

To make it simple, the compatibility is therefore as follows: The straps for the first Fitbit Ace also fit the Alta. Fitbit Ace 2 straps fit Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Inspire. Fitbit Ace 3 straps are also compatible with Luxe and Fitbit Inspire HR.

Straps for Fitbit Ace

Whichever Fitbit you, or your child, have, it's obviously important to have a comfortable and stylish strap as well.

A watch strap keeps your Fitbit Ace secure on your wrist all day while you focus on other things, but a wristband can also be a way to express your style and give your Fitbit Ace a whole new look.

Fitbit Ace, Fitbit Ace 2 and Fitbit Ace 3

For all Fitbit Ace models, we have a wide range of straps - so the only thing you need to think about is what you're interested in. That interest may be based on how you plan to use your Fitbit, or what your style is - and we've stocked our inventory to make sure the product you buy always feels just right for you.

The silicone Fitbit Ace strap is a natural choice. Silicone is soft and comfortable on the wrist, and its ability to handle everything from rain to sleet makes it an ideal accessory for an active lifestyle full of adventure. Our silicone straps for the Fitbit Ace series also come in a variety of colours, so you can find something simple in black or something a little more colourful and expressive.

In addition to silicone, we also have straps for the Fitbit Ace series in leather (both genuine and artificial leather). Like silicone, leather is comfortable regardless of the activity, and can easily be used outdoors or at home. Leather bracelets for an Ace series model also offer a more dressy feel, which can feel better at school or work, and is easier to match with your outfit.

Last but not least, in addition to silicone and leather, we also have metal watch straps for your Fitbit. Metal straps are extra strong, ensuring that your watch stays securely in place no matter what you do or where you are. A sleek black metal band is timeless and works with everything, while a multi-coloured one allows you to express your personality - without sacrificing the security of your Fitbit.

All watch straps are adjustable in length and size to fit any wrist type.

Other Fitbit accessories

In addition to watch straps for your Fitbit, we also have Fitbit Ace screen protectors, chargers, charging stations and cases. Tempered glass screen protectors are one of our absolute best sellers, and for good reason. A screen protector protects your watch from scratches, dirt and other everyday wear and tear.

A screen protector is therefore an excellent investment as you use your watch every day, and scratches can go from being annoying to completely preventing the use of your watch.