Fitbit Sense 2 strap

The best watch straps for Fitbit Sense 2. Have you been missing a new strap for the gym or the meeting? We have a large selection of straps, suitable for all occasions and activities. Free shipping on orders of more than €29.

    Fitbit Sense 2 strap

    Are you looking for a new Fitbit Sense 2 bracelet? Are you an experienced Fitbit user, or is your Sense 2 your first Fitbit, maybe even your first smartwatch?

    Whoever you are, we welcome you to our widest range of products for the Fitbit Sense 2 in the UK. Here you will find everything from bracelets and screen protectors to cases and chargers - in other words, everything you need for your Fitbit.

    The only question is: what do you want?

    Different Fitbit Sense 2 straps

    Whether it's a regular watch or a smartwatch, you need a strap. A wristband ensures that your watch stays in place all day, so you have access to your device and its functions - whether it's just checking the time, seeing how many calories you burned during the day, or reading notifications from your phone.

    But beyond being a practical necessity, a watch strap for your Fitbit Sense 2 can do much more than that.

    For example, a strap for your Fitbit can be an opportunity to match the rest of your outfit, both in terms of colour and material. In our range of Fitbit Sense 2 straps, you'll find lots of different colours and designs, so you'll find something to suit your unique style. Everything from colourful watch straps in orange, red or champagne gold, to more timeless options like black or navy blue.

    It can also be about matching your Fitbit Sense 2 to the occasion, as not every type of wristband will suit every type of activity. A silicone watch strap for your Fitbit Sense 2 may be great at the gym or when you're just at home, but at the office or at a party you might feel more comfortable in a classic leather strap or metal band in stainless steel.

    Because we know that a Fitbit Sense 2 strap can be much more than just a watch band, we've curated a wide range of products in different designs, colours and materials - all to make sure you find something you like and can use.

    We're confident you'll find the right Fitbit strap here.

    Fitbit Sense 2 case

    In addition to a watch strap, maybe you are interested in giving your Fitbit Sense 2 a little extra protection against bumps, scratches and other everyday wear and tear? The easiest way to do this is with a Fitbit Sense case - which can be found in several different colours and materials.

    A case is easily attached to the watch, and when it's on, you still have full access to the touchscreen and buttons - your watch is just a little more secure.

    Also when it comes to the case, you can choose from different colours, to either match your Sense 2 bracelet or something else.

    Fitbit Sense 2 screen protector

    For the ultimate protection of your Fitbit Sense 2, we recommend using a screen protector. Just like a screen protector for your phone or tablet, it protects the screen of your Fitbit from scratches, moisture and dirt.

    Anyone who has ever had a scratch on their screen knows how annoying it can be, and in addition to being an annoyance, it can also affect the interaction with your watch or even be harmful to the hardware.

    A Fitbit Sense 2 screen protector is a cost-effective alternative to replacing a broken screen, ensuring that your smartwatch stays as clean and fresh as the day you bought it.

    Compatibility between Fitbit straps

    Last but not least, it is also worth mentioning something about the compatibility of several Fitbit models. Like many other smartwatch manufacturers, some of Fitbit's products fit several models, which is also true for the Fitbit Sense 2.

    Fitbit Sense 2 straps are compatible with Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Versa 4, and vice versa. So if you had a Fitbit Versa 4 before, you can return your bracelets to a Fitbit Sense 2.